7 2014 Feb


According The New York Times, in December of 2013 Toyota began negotiating a settlement to compromise hundreds of state and Federal product defect claims stemming from alleged faulty electronic throttle systems. Toyota invited existing claimants to negotiate a compromise following an Okahoma plaintiff's verdict from a wrongful death product defect claim. In Toyota's first jury loss invovling the defective throttle, the claimant's wrongful death claim was successful after the jury found Toyota acted with wreckless disregard, resulting in death of one passenger and serious injury to the other after the throttle on the Camry in which they were travelling got stuck.

The last time Toyota setted a class-action was in July of 2013 for $1.6 billion – a class-action law suit brought by vehicles owners who claimed to suffer financial losses.  Today Toyota still faces hundreds of various tort and wrongful death claim based in product defect and breach of warranty.

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