A note from a personal injury client who was invovled in a bad car accident:

"I would like to thank Mr. Milton D. Stratos for his service and representation on my behalf. He was very kind and patient with me after havin gone through a very serious car accident and I will always be greateful for the respect I was shown during all aspects of my case.

His prompt attention to each step and his willingness to help with my understanding the legal process helped to get me through many stressful issues.  His guidance along wtih his concern and caring attitude will never be forgotten and I will always be thankful for the results of my case. 

I would recommend Mr. Stratos to anyone in nee do flegal services. He is a very unique individual and attorney.  I will always feel fortunate to have had him presensent me."

Sincerely, Personal Injury Client"

A note from a personal injury client who was severely injured by a dog:

"While I was in Rehab you called and made an appointment to meet me. At that meeting, you explained the process of filing suit for injuries sustained by me.  This was very helpful to me as I had never had this experience previously and didn't know what to expect. I felt very confident with your representation, and was especially pleased that you kept me infomred of what was happening along the way. I felt at all times that you were looking after my best interests.  You made my recovery from a bad experience much easier to get over. 

I was certainly pleased and satisfied with the final results, and would recommend you to anyone I know who is in need of any attorney."