Big Box Paint Supplier Hit with $2.5 Million Jury Verdict Due to Employee’s Negligence

In February of 2014, an injured motorist won a favorable $2.5 million jury verdict in Marion County, South Carolina in a personal injury suit stemming from the negligence of an on duty Sherwin-Williams employee that caused a car accident.  The suit was based on an accident that occurred on highway 41 when a Sherwin-Williams van plowed into the rear of the Plaintiff’s car.  The crash resulted in the Plaintiff’s vehicle being thrown from the highway and into a tree, and the injured motorist ended up with multi-level herniated discs requiring more than one surgery and a 19 percent permanent partial disability rating.  

Prior to trial Sherwin Williams offered $110,000.00, despite the fact that the Plaintiff sought $150,000.00 for medical bills. Sherwin Williams admitted liability prior to trial, and therefore the jury was only presented with questions regarding injury causation and damages. 

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