Lawmakers Investigate Auto Defects: GM Leading the Way

Car defects have taken front and center in 2014.  In just the beginning of the second quarter US auto manufacturer recalls are on pace to surpass the greatest annual recall number in more than a decade. Current media attention is leading to greater public awareness and increased political involvement.

This theme was on full display in April when GM executives were grilled by members of Congress during a public hearing on Capitol Hill with the purpose of investigating fatal car wrecks linked to the defective part, and allegations that preventable deaths occurred because the auto giant failed to fix what amounted to a 57-cent problem.

GM issued recalls for 2.6 million cars with the defective switch. On Monday GM recalled another 1.5 million vehicles for what is described as a defective power steering unit. Since February 2013 GM has recalled 6.3 million cars, at an estimated cost of $750,000,000.

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