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Damages Awarded to Victims of Defective Breast Implants

In November this year a French court awarded damages to 1,600 victims of defective breast implants; the award equaled roughly $4,000.00 for each victim.   A quality control company, TUV Rhineland, paid the damages, as they controlled the quality of the product pursuant to European Union safety certificates issued on the silicone implants by TUV Rhineland. 

The award stems from implants that were produced by now defunct Poly Implants. To date, nearly 300,000 women globally have been fitted with the Poly Implants Prostheses, which rupture at a much higher incidence than the industry standard causing silicone to leak into the body.  Poly Implants shuttered in March of 2010 after authorities discovered the implants were filled with inferior silicon in an effort to save on cost.  The founder of Poly Implants was charged with fraud, and a verdict is expected sometime in December 2013.  For more information regarding this article please see the New York Times, November 14, 2013 publication. 

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