Auto Manufacturers Issuing Recalls in 2014 Setting Record Pace

Just how many vehicles on the road have an existing defect?  The current recall environment may be an indication. BMW recalled 156,000 vehicles in the US in April 2014., and 232,000 vehicles in China due to a defective bolt.  Toyota is recalling 3.5 million vehicles to replace a spiral cable attached to the driver’s side airbag.  GM has recalled 6.5 million vehicles since October of 2013.  Ford recalled nearly 350,000 Escapes on April 14, 2014 due to potential corrosion on the lower control arm.  Volkswagen, Infinity, Mazda, Chevrolet and Chrysler all issued recalls in April.

To read more about auto defects and see if your vehicle is included, you may visit the NHTA web site. 

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